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  • Who is West40?
    West40 is the lifeline for students, families, and schools in West Cook County. Serving 38 districts and three co-ops, including 152 schools, about 95,000 students and their families, and around 7,000 educators, we seek to improve people's lives and send ripple effects throughout Illinois. Our mission is to meet the students where they are, be what they need, walk further with them and stand strong with them. With this as our heartbeat, our in-school advocacy programs and Safe Schools help transform struggling kids into flourishing members of their communities. We also help empower educators and other school staff to fulfill their needs and be the best they can be for the students they serve. Additionally, we help ensure that our schools meet or exceed the requirements to keep our kids safe. To learn more about West40, visit
  • Why did we choose Lexington Elementary School in Maywood?
    West40 is currently headquartered in Hillside. Moving to Lexington Elementary School in Maywood allows us to be more centrally located and provide the services to all the districts we support. We can continue to grow alongside the communities we serve and their evolving needs.
  • What are the plans for Lexington Elementary School building?
    Our goal is to preserve what we can of Lexington's legacy while bringing Lexington back to life. By bringing it up to code, we will create an environment our kids will look forward to each day. To learn more about our plans, you can also watch the Town Hall video.
  • What are the plans for the Lexington name?
    As an organization centered on the kids we serve, we love the idea of providing our services at a school with 60 years of fond memories. We are excited to breathe life back into Lexington Elementary School and continue to create new memories. The Lexington name on the exterior of the building will remain and will read "West40 at Lexington".
  • Will Lexington continue to be a polling place?
    Yes. We have received confirmation that Lexington will continue to be a polling place starting with this year's primary in June.
  • Where can we receive updates on the construction?
    Please continue to return to this site, where we will provide regular updates.
  • When is the grand opening?
    Please come back to this site, where we will provide updates.
  • Will community partners/organizations still have access to the gym?
    To ensure everyone's safety, we are limiting the occupancy of the building during construction.
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